Swimming pool paint from V-Sure - Waterproof paint from V-Sure - RAL 9016

Perfect Pool Finish 9016 A+B 5 KG


No longer available

2 component high performance finishing coat specially developed for recoating a swimming pool made of glass fibre reinforced polyester or concrete. It is available in satin gloss. Has an excellent coverage after application of a primer. Extremely resistant against sun, water, chemicals and diluted acids and lyes, which are present in swimming pools. Available in a limited number of RAL colours and available in 1 and 5 lt sets.

€183.56 / set



As a finishing coat for monoblock and older pools consisting of fibreglass-reinforced polyester. Used to renovate discoloured or faded pool coatings. Can be applied by brush or roller. This product in not applicable for protection against osmosis.


Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface. As an adhesion layer we recommend the 2-component Epoxy PERFECT POOL PRIMER or the LIGHT PRIMER (grey) in 2 layers. You can also use this primer for absorbent substrates to fill up porosities. For aluminium or stainless steel substrates, we recommend diluting the Epoxy primers with 5 to 10% epoxy thinner. Do not apply Perfect Pool Finish in full sunlight. Mix the individual components thoroughly in advance. Afterwards, maintain a 3/2 weight ratio. Let this mixture rest for approx. 15 min and then process within 4 hours. Waiting time between coats min. 12 hours and max. 48 hours, because this way it remains paintable without intermediate sanding of previous coat. Dust-dry after 15 min. Stick-free after 3 hours. Dry after 12 hours and hardened after 7 days. For permanently heated swimming pool water, above 30°C, we recommend applying one extra layer of colourless Perfect Pool Satin Clear over the 2 coloured layers. This is to protect the underlying coloured layers. Caution: Excessive humidity can cause air bubbles to form on the surface. The relative humidity may not exceed 85%, while the surface temperature during application must be at least 8°C and 3°C higher than dew point.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally-friendly replacement for acetone)

Technical specifications

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