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Stokolan hand & body 100 ML


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Is a white unscented lightly oiled, silicone-free skin protection cream with a new and innovative composition. Thanks to special glycerine esters and vegetarian fatty acids, it keeps the skin supple and protected. Available in 100 ml and 1 lt.



Strengthens the natural skin barrier and effectively protects the skin in frequent contact with water or aqueous substances (water-mixed oils and coolants, aqueous solutions of dyes, acids, alkalis, salts, cleaning and disinfecting agents, cement, lime and fertilizers) and when wearing occlusive protective clothing. Ideal for normal skin.


Before applying Estolan, the skin should always be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then carefully rub the hands with Stoko Protect +, also between the fingers and around the nails. Stoko Protect + should be applied regularly before work and after longer breaks from work.
External use.

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