Workshop Resin Art - 13/12/2023

Workshop Resin Art - 13/12/2023


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Crystal Clear Epoxy Casting

So how does something like this work?
What do you need for it?
Can you pour it on or into anything?

All your questions will be answered during the hands-on workshop Resin Art.

In addition to pouring a coating on canvas or a photograph, we will go deeper into casting small and larger volumes with transparent casting resins.Prefer a little more color in your work? We'll explain that too in detail. You will learn in detail how to mix the right pigments with the resins to create a sparkling whole.

You will learn more about:

  • Epoxy Glosscoat - for applying thin protective layers on canvas or photographs
  • Epoxy Clear Fast - for casting on low objects
  • Epoxy Clear Slow - for casting on larger objects such as river tables.

Are you curious to discover the wonderful world of Epoxies?
During this workshop you will make your own bowl with epoxy casting resin. This way you can immediately put your newly acquired knowledge into practice.

This workshop is given in Dutch!

Workshop on Saturday starts at 09h00 at the Experience Center.
Workshop on Wednesday starts at 14h00 at the Experience Center.