Set de démarrage pour la résine de coulée

Kit de moulage en résine


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Epoxy clair rapide Pur MC5 Zellaan Gants Bâtons de mélange Gobelets de mélange

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Epoxy clear fast: Casting or glossing of objects in a crystal-clear casting resin. Very easy to colour with universal pigments. Endless applications such as RESINART, casting of RIVERTABLES or making jewellery, key rings, Christmas decorations, coasters,... Pur MC5: The product of choice for very fast casting of highly detailed objects. Its simple mixing ratio in combination with its finishing possibilities and strength makes this PU casting resin unique. This thin liquid resin can be easily cast in silicone or latex rubber moulds. Zellaan: The only suitable product for casting directly into an alginate mould is our ZELLAAN casting compound. This powder, which you must mix with water, will quickly harden into a white, paintable, porcelain-like mass. It is completely white in colour and odourless. This product is also ideal for young users.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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