V-Sure Mission & Vision


It is impossible to imagine our modern society without plastics. They are no longer only used by professional (composite) processors in for example the construction or repair of buses, trains or boats, but more and more the wonderful world of plastics is also opening up to the hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer. In our fast-paced society, we all have more need for practicing a hobby or leisure activity, whether it is to create something new or repair something valuable old. Vosschemie Benelux aims with its V-Sure products to inspire and advise people in the use of plastics in the most diverse applications, in order to free up time and space for qualitative and sustainable forms of leisure and development, in addition to the rush of daily work.


V-Sure, a chemistry with nature
In the rapidly evolving world of liquid cold-curing plastics, we are committed to providing technical solutions and advice, but also to shaping a more sustainable future. At Vosschemie Benelux | V-Sure, we see sustainability not as a trend, but as an indispensable element of our identity. Our vision is based on creating positive impact on both our industry and wider society. V-sure a chemisry with nature.


Our mission is to make the processing of plastics accessible to everyone and by keeping our focus on good advice, guidance and inspiration to ensure that both the professional and the Do-It-Yourselfer can take credit for their work. With our V-Sure products, we offer plastic solutions for everyone while guaranteeing a sustainable result with the most innovative ecologically responsible products on the market today. In our company organization, continuous quality assurances and controls are carried out to permanently watch over the Vision, Mission, values and positioning.

V-Sure your quality guarantee!

Vosschemie Benelux combines more than 55 years of experience in offering resin solutions with reliable advice and high quality products.

We have united these characteristics in our own brand V-Sure. With this fully coordinated range of the highest quality products, we guarantee the best result.

V-Sure presents itself as a specialist in cold-curing resins. Our challenge is to find a suitable resin solution for even the most difficult questions and deliver it to our customers. V-Sure's products are available for both B2B and B2C and are available in the Benelux.

The online webshop makes it easy to find all products. But customers can also call for technical assistance or to make sure they can order the right product. Because of our wide stock, we can deliver quickly.

We don't want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best

That is why we are close to our customers. Our strength is personal contact and the fact that we react quickly. Our company does not have complex structures, which means that we can make decisions quickly and can therefore also respond to the customer's questions very quickly.

What is good is often copied!

We are not immune to this either. Some companies capitalise on the good name of the Vosschemie brand. Some of the names of our products - like G4 - are mentioned by them, but these are often different products than the trusted Vosschemie quality. With the V-Sure label we protect our customers from this deception.

V-Sure Quality

Products with the V-Sure label have been developed to optimise processing quality and durability, guaranteeing the ultimate in material properties. With the V-Sure label, you can be sure that the product you have in your hands meets all your expectations. Regardless of whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional.

All V-Sure products are always in function of their processing in each application. The products are suitable for both the private individual, available in very small packages, and for the professional, who processes larger quantities. Check out our offer in the online web shop. Ordered today, guaranteed delivery within a few days.

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