V-Sure, a chemistry with nature

In the rapidly evolving world of liquid cold-curing plastics, we are committed to providing technical solutions and advice, but also to shaping a more sustainable future. At Vosschemie Benelux | V-Sure, we see sustainability not as a trend, but as an indispensable element of our identity. Our vision is based on creating positive impact on both our industry and wider society. V-sure a chemisry with nature.

What did we accomplish in 2023?

This sustainability report provides an overview of Vosschemie Benelux|V-Sure's sustainability achievements and efforts during the 2022-2023 operating year. As a motivated sustainability expert, we have strived to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of our operations to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

The report illustrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability and provides a basis for further dialogue and collaboration with the community. We continue to build partnerships and build strong collaborations with suppliers, customers, staff and stakeholders to jointly contribute to a more sustainable future for all and also support other relevant sustainability initiatives. The ethical principles and values provide a solid foundation and reflect the business objectives and commitment to positively impact society and the environment.

We strive for a leading position in the supply of innovative, sustainable technical solutions with liquid cold-cured plastics within the various sectors in industry and the private market.

Therefore, we are committed to developing a sustainable product range. In the longer term, we want to explore opportunities for circular processes to minimize the impact on consumption and production.

Additional budget went into research and development of alternative materials and production methods that reduce environmental impact.

Our long-term and short-term goals provide a framework to focus on sustainability initiatives that benefit both the core business and broader society. It is important to regularly review and adapt these objectives to changing circumstances and regulations and insights.

Sustainability action: Clean up Day on November 19, 2023

A total of 88 enthusiastic ploggers, including parents, young people, entrepreneurs and local politicians such as Mayor Rik Verwaest and alderman for the economy Ilse Lambrechts, participated in the Clean up Day in Lier.

This litter campaign by Vosschemie Benelux was set up in collaboration with Sint-Gummaruscollege Lier and Lier4Business as part of 'sustainable entrepreneurship' to raise awareness of the issues surrounding single-use plastics.

With the WePlog app, the impact of all efforts could be accurately measured. In 2 hours, 45.5 garbage bags, or 437 liters of waste (almost half a m³!), were collected over a length of 124.42 km. That amounts to about 3.5 liters of litter per km!

In April 2024, we will join Sint-Gummarus College Lier for a second round of cleanup. This is how we are building a cleaner future together!

Goals for 2024

Here is what we will continue to work on in 2024:

  • Transparently communicate about production processes, materials and potential environmental risks
  • Continually strive for innovative solutions and invest in research into sustainable materials and production methods
  • Deliver high-quality products that meet all safety standards
  • Promote circular production processes, reuse of materials and minimize waste
  • Social commitment and creating positive social impact
  • Active engagement with local communities, listening to their needs and contributing to local development
  • Fair trade, respect for human rights and avoidance of negative social impact in the supply chain
  • Active commitment to educating customers, employees and other stakeholders about sustainability and environmental awareness

Vosschemie Benelux | V-sure participates in Voka's VCDO charter

V-Sure is your experienced partner of liquid plastics helping every professional with the right product solution so they can get a good and sustainable result.

In this section you will be able to follow the progress of our goals within the Voka Charter Sustainable Business and the 17 SDGs.
This is going to be a year-long, exciting process with different stakeholders.
We are immersing ourselves in this with readings, podcasts, working groups and networks that inspire us to do better and better.

Not alone, but all together for a more beautiful, better world.


Corporate Sustainability

The VCDO provides a framework for companies to translate sustainable ambitions into practice, and to encourage companies to challenge themselves to go a step further in sustainability. The sustainability actions are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Embedding the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations in the VCDO has increased the significance of this recognition even further. After a positive final evaluation (after one year) by an independent committee, the efforts are rewarded with the sustainability certificate.

Sustainability is more important than ever to Vosschemie Benelux | V-sure. How we put sustainability into practice, we will tell you as we go along on this page.

V-Sure's SDGs

  • Implementation ERP, Power BI
  • Drafting sustainability report and setting KPIs for sustainability

  • Encouraging healthy eating and exercise among our staff
  • Encouraging youth entrepreneurship in Lier

  • Development and launch of solvent-free products
  • Research for biodiversity on company site
  • Focus on renovation market and extending life of materials
  • Commit to sustainable packaging
  • Support and participate in 'Deplastify the Planet'

  • Rebranding : House brand V-Sure, website, webshop and layout section sustainability
  • Organizing events: Clean up day, Mahi 2 (awareness and sensitization)

If you have your own idea or question about sustainability, don't hesitate to contact me.

Claudia De Moor
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President of Lier4business (L4B)
President of Youth Entrepreneurship Lier (JOL)
President of VOKA Lokaal Neteland