Meet Team V-Sure

Marc De Moor -
Sales & Development Manager | Managing Director

"Can it be somewhat technical?"

Claudia De Moor -
Finance & HR Manager | Managing Director

"For every issue, there is a solution!"

Olivier De Moor -
Sales & Service Project Support

"Let's make it happen!"

Gino Peeters -
Purchase & Customer Service

"Together, as a team, we are very strong!"

Winrik Delanghe -
Order Entry & Technical Advisor

"If you focus on costs, quality goes down; if you focus on quality, the costs go down."

Koen De Meyer 
Logistics & Production

"Do you want a swimming pool in gray or blue? Then I'll make it happen for you."

Sarah Stuer -
Marketing & Customer Care

"Either we find a way, or we make one!"

Denis De Jesus De Almeida -

"Choose V-Sure if you want to be sure!"

Kanter Lo -
Digital Marketeer

"Believe you can and you are already halfway there!"