Polyester and epoxy filler - microballoon filler

Aerocell 200 G


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A filler based on hollow glass beads with a diameter of 0.027 mm suitable for polyester, epoxy, PU and vinyl ester resin; are also called microballoons.

Available in 200 gr, 1 kg, 4 kg and 14,2 kg containers.

€7.50 / st



As a universal filler for thickening polyester, epoxy, PU and vinylester resins, with the aim of obtaining a higher volume and increased mechanical strength with a low specific gravity.


  • Mix evenly under the resin. 
  • Addition of 5 to 50% is possible depending on the application. 
  • At higher addition of 30%, the resin becomes a paste. 
  • If you want the resin/aerocell mixture not to sink during hardening, you must add extra thixotropy powder.
  • Is not a hazardous material and can be treated as such. 
  • Wearing gloves and protective mask is recommended. 
  •  Cleaning agent: water.

Technical specifications

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