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Cleaner C1 bottom 500 ML


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Is a powerful cleaning agent for quickly and efficiently removing dirt, shells and fouling from the hull. Available in 500 ml packaging.

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Suitable for the removal of algae, seaweed, shells, pox, ... Because of the modern formula, you can already see the effect of the treatment after a few minutes.


First carry out a test to see if the surface is resistant to the cleaner. First moisten the surface to be treated with clean water. Apply SL Cleaner C1 Bottom in small quantities to the surface. Leave it on for a few minutes (5-15 minutes). Afterwards wash the surface thoroughly with a brush or with a high pressure washer. Rinse well with plenty of water. For a long lasting protection, you can treat the surfaces afterwards with SL S4 Protect Wax or SL S5 Shine & Protect Spray - Quick Wax. Attention: Do not use on 1-component paints!
Always wear suitable gloves and protective clothing.Ensure good ventilation in an enclosed space.If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the label or packaging.Keep out of reach of children.Always make sure the surface is wet.Rinse thoroughly with water.Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap.

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