Use this epoxy paste for bonding or repairing metal

Epoxy Metall 32 G


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Is a 2-component adhesive and construction paste based on epoxy for universal applications. The glue has a metal colour and is quick hardening. Suitable for both private and industrial use.
Simple mixing ratio. Cures without sticking. Resistant to seawater, oil, petrol and diluted acids and lyes.

Available in handy tubes of 32 gr.


€11.62 / st


Ideal instant adhesive for various applications e.g. on aluminium, copper, brass, concrete, wood, metal, plastics, GRP and stone.

Temperature resistant constantly up to 100°C and max. 120°C (temporarily).


  • Always ensure a dry, rough and grease-free surface. 
  • Mix both components in a 1/1 weight ratio. 
  • Potlife: 4-6 min. at 20°C. 
  • Hardening after 2-3 hours at 23°C. 
  • Apply with a spatula at a minimum temperature of 5°C. 
  • Ideal adhesive strength at a layer thickness of 0.1-0.2 mm.
  • Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. 
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact. 
  • Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone).

Technical specifications

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