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Face mask Starmask with dust -and solvent filter (A2P2R)


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Star Mask is a respirator with replaceable pre-filters and gas filters. Star Mask protects against mist from paint, varnish, enamel, pesticide, organic vapours and dust and is approved according to CE standards CE 0194/ EN 140:198; EN 143:2004 and A1:2008. The replaceable filter system ensures maximum protection, even during prolonged use.Filters available separately.

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The facepieces of the CARSYSTEM Star mask series comply with the requirements of the approved standard EN140. The vapour/gas filter cartridges and particle cartridges comply with the requirements of the respective approved standard EN14387:2004+A1:2008.The filter pads only meet the requirements of the approved standard EN14387:2004+A1:2008 when used in combination with vapour/gas cartridges. 141.224 Filter cartridge protection class A2. Organic vapours, boiling point greater than 65°C, up to 50X OEL or 1000 ppm, whichever is lower.141.154 Pre-filter protection class P2SL For use as in above categories and against dust and liquid based aerosols up to 10X OEL.


Choose the most appropriate size of face piece. Place the respirator over the mouth and nose (check that the top of the nosepiece aligns with the bridge of the nose, while the bottom of the facepiece fits under the chin and the seal around the facepiece makes contact with the skin of the face). Then pull the head harness over the crown of the head. Attach the lower straps behind the neck. Tighten the upper straps at the ends to achieve a secure and comfortable fit. Tighten the lower straps by pulling the ends or loosen them by pushing the buckle outward. Check the fit of your respirator each time you enter a contaminated area. Storage instructions: The respirator should be placed in the resealable bag and stored at ambient temperature in a dry, unpolluted atmosphere protected from atmospheric contamination.
This respirator does not provide oxygen.Do not use in an atmosphere containing less than 19.5% oxygen (or as determined by regulatory authorities) or an atmosphere that is or may become immediately hazardous to life or health.Do not use in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

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