Glass fibre - glass mat fibre 450 g - 5 m²

Fiberglass 450 G PB 5 M²


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Reinforcement material used to build up laminates in combination with polyester or vinylester. Due to its powdery structure, it is suitable for pieces that come into contact with water. Universal quality. Available in roll widths of 1,270 and 2,600 mm. Available in 1, 5, 10 m² pre-packed rolls or in rolls of +-45 kg

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For the production of shaped parts in all applications, e.g. boat, car and construction. Exists in different weights: 225, 300, 450 and 600 gr/m².


Always used in combination with a polyester or vinylester resin. For higher strength or layer thickness, apply several layers on top of each other.
Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Is not a hazardous material and may be treated as such. Cleaning agent: water.

Technical specifications

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