Floor coating - Waterproof protection and sealing 250 ml

G4 Sealing coat 250 ML


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1 component solvent-based PU resin that reacts to air humidity. G4 Varnish is a limited UV-resistant (yellowing with time), but extremely scratch-resistant, high-gloss varnish that is resistant to solvents and chemicals. Can also be used as a protective layer.

Available in 250 ml, 0.5 lt, 1 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt and 200 lt containers.

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1/ As a sealing layer on wood to stop moisture. Can also be used as a soot insulator for a chipped fireplace. 2/ As a high-gloss varnish for wood and stone. Cures tack-free and consolidates dusty concrete floors or decayed wood. 3/ As protection/sealant for metal against oxidation and rust (e.g. petrol tank).


Always make sure the surface is as dry and grease-free as possible and apply the G4 sealer with a brush or roller. If applied in a petrol tank, pour and drum it in (best in 2 -3 layers). Dust-free after 1 hour. Paintable as soon as surface is tack-free. (2-4 hours). Max. waiting time before repainting is 48 hours. Waiting time between layers 2-4 hours. Caution: Once opened, always close containers airtight to prevent further curing in the can. Pour any surplus into a small container to prevent air from getting in.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally-friendly replacement for acetone). Always ensure adequate ventilation and wear a filter mask for released solvents.

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