High gloss varnish - Transparent lacquer 250 ml

G8 Super 250 ML


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Is a 1 component solvent-containing PU resin that reacts to air humidity. G8 is a high-gloss, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant protective coating that adheres to most porous substrates and has various application possibilities. Excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals, diluted acids and alkalis.

Available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1lt, 5 lt and 10 lt containers.

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For waterproofing porous substrates or as a high-gloss varnish for woodwork, both indoors and outdoors. Can possibly be coloured (transparent = no opaque colour!) with 1-3% PU pigment or bronze powder. Adheres to wood, copper, epoxy and polyester laminate.


Always ensure a surface as dry and grease-free as possible and apply G8 with a brush or roller. For porous substrates, dilute the first coat 25-50% with PU thinner, the next 0-25% and the last coats unthinned. For non-porous substrates dilute the first coat 20% with PU thinner and all subsequent coats unthinned. A next coat can be applied as soon as the surface no longer sticks after 2-4 hours with a maximum of 8 hours. Tip : adding 5% anti-slip granulate makes your steps safer. Note: between 2nd and 3rd coat. Sand lightly before applying 3rd layer. Caution: for once-opened containers; these should always be sealed airtight to prevent further curing in the can.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environment-friendly substitute for acetone). Ensure adequate ventilation. Wear a filter mask for solvents.

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