Hardener for polyester 100 g

Hardener MEKP FL505 SN100 G


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Is a liquid, highly flammable hardener based on methyl ethyl ketone peroxide for use with polyester and vinyl ester resin. Should never be used in direct combination with cobalt to avoid an explosive reaction.

Available in 100 gr, 1 kg and 25 kg packages.

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Should be added to the resin in a 1 to 3% ratio. Without this hardener, the polyester will not react.


Always mix the resin before adding the hardener. Then add 1-3% hardener. The quantities below in gr are the same in ml.
1% Mekp harder
2% Mekp harder
3% Mekp harder
100 gr1 gr2 gr3 gr
250 gr2.5 gr5 gr7.5 gr
1 kg10 gr20 gr30 gr
5 kg
50 gr
100 gr
150 gr

  • Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. 
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact. 
  • Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone).

Technical specifications

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