Carbon - Kevlar fibre reinforcement twill woven 5 m²

Kevlar Carbon fiber K 165 G 5 M²


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Is a reinforcement material used to build up laminates with polyester, epoxy and vinylester. Due to the structure of the weave, you obtain increased impact and rigidity. Twill weave is more suitable for round shapes and therefore easier to install.

Available in 1, 5, 10 m² or per roll of 50 m².

€172.81 / st



For moulded parts in all applications including boat, car, construction and industry. These fibres are characterised in particular by an increased E-modulus (increased impact strength) and an increased stiffness at a low weight ratio.


  • Always used in combination with a resin. 
  • For higher strength, apply several layers on top of each other. 
  •  Avoid prolonged contact with UV. 
  • If the piece must be UV-resistant, you should finish it with a PU varnish.
Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Is not a hazardous material and may be treated as such. Cleaning agent: water.

Technical specifications

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