Polyester modeling filler for orthopaedic applications

Orthoplast +2x50 GR BPO 5 KG


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Is a new generation of 2-component repair and construction compound on a polyester basis with reduced styrene emission that complies with the vos regulation since 2007.

Very light mass which can be nailed or screwed in, specifically for the orthopaedic sector.

Available in 5 kg packaging.

€85.45 / set


Filling and repairing orthopaedic lasts and models. Can be applied up to 10 cm thick in one go. Good sandability and very good adhesion to metal, wood, plastics and PUR foams.


  • The substrate must be dry and free of dust and grease. 
  • Mix the paste with 2-3% BPO hardener and apply with a spatula. 
  • Can be sanded after 18 minutes.
  • Potlife: 7-9 min. at 20°C. 
  • Processing temperature: min. 10°-25°C.

Note: all polyesters can be slowed down with inhibitor.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone). This product contains styrene and must therefore be handled in accordance with the safety regulations.

Technical specifications

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