Decorative plaster - Micro cement for walls, floors, tables and furniture

Perfect Mineral deco Pure M medlium 3 KG


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Is a harmless and odorless 1 component decorative plaster in stucco form based on acrylic resin. Can be used for UV-resistant decoration and finishing of walls and floors, as well as tables, furniture and other objects.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Frost-resistant and waterproof
  • Standard available in 6 colors and 2 variants of structures
  • Other colors are available upon request
  • The M is a medium coarse grit and the S is a fine grit

Available in 3 kg and 5 kg and 10 kg packs.




Prime and finish walls and floors with microtopping texture and appearance. Dries faster than traditional decorative plaster. Comes ready to use and is supplied colored. Thanks to its elasticity, this product can be applied to almost any substrate. Also suitable for applications with underfloor heating. Due to its flexibility, this product moves with the expansion and contraction of the substrate.


Provide a clean plaster trowel and apply the plaster evenly. Start with the M variety and apply the desired texture and layer thickness. This layer is dry after approx. 60 min (depending on layer thickness). Then apply the S variant. Allow this layer to dry for at least 90 minutes. If necessary, sand the surface to obtain a smooth finish.

Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap and for hands: ordinary soap. Is not a hazardous material. Contains cement, try to avoid direct contact with eyes.