Construct your own polyester pond - DIY pond set 10 m²

Pond construction kit 10 M²


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This is a kit with all the materials for building your own pond or swimming pond in fiberglass reinforced polyester.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x G4 Primer 2 l
  • 1 x H30/Azur Laminating resin 20 kg
  • 2 x Glass mat 300 g PB 10 m²
  • 3 x T35-1 Topcoat 1 kg
  • 1 x Hardener MEKP 0.5 kg

Kit with accessories available separately.

Available in 10 m², 20 m², 40 m² and 80 m² kit and in black color.

€275.42 / set



Construction system for self-construction of a pond or swimming pond in glass fibre reinforced liquid polyester resin. This lining can be applied to concrete, screed, cement, wood and rapid construction stone. In addition to reinforcing and strengthening the substrate with the polyester resin and glass fibre lining, the topcoat makes it completely waterproof.


STAP 1: Preparing the substrate 
Before you start building a pond in polyester, you should check the substrate. This must be stable at all times, such as concrete. The substrate must also be dry. In the case of concrete, it should be more than 28 days old so that it is fully cured. When constructing a polyester pond, try to work on a dry day to prevent any discolouration and to achieve optimal hardening.

STAP 2: Application of primer and adhesive layer
Apply the G4 primer with a brush and a roller. After application, wait 1 to 4 hours before starting the polyestering. To round off the sharp corners and edges, you use our handy fibre paste! Then you roll the surface already once with polyester resin. We recommend the H30 here. Then mix everything together well and make sure you do not forget the bottom and the edges. Once your mixture is ready, paint the entire surface.

Tip from the professional: Never use too much resin at once. This can cause problems due to the heat released during the curing process.

: Application of two layers of glass mat and liquid polyester resinAfter repainting the substrate, apply the glass mat. The glass mat is placed on the substrate and immediately saturated with liquid polyester resin H30-Azur. This way, the white glass mat becomes glassy and transparent. Within 20 minutes you have to de-aerate everything with a de-aeration roller. If you apply the two layers wet-on-wet you will get a lower resin consumption. You should allow the whole thing to cure for about 24 hours.
Do not forget to vent!

To give your pond an excellent finish, sand the polyester lining with 60-grit paper. Then make sure you clean everything thoroughly before placing the top coat. Mix the topcoat T35-1 with approximately 10% colour or simply order the topcoat in the desired colour from us. Then you add approximately 2% MEKP hardener. Apply the topcoat on the dust free surface with a sheepskin roller. The topcoat should not be applied in full sunlight. After you have placed the finish, wait approximately one week before filling the polyester pond with water.

!! Wait one week (= 7 days) before filling the pond with water!

See also our instructional video on pond construction.

Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Cleaning agent A for tools. For further instructions, please refer to the safety data sheets of the individual products.

Technical specifications

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