Release agent for polyester and gelcoats - release wax 450 g

Premium Release Agent 450 G


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Is a release agent in paste form for processing at a high rate. Formulated to dry quickly. Very easy to apply and remove afterwards. Temperature resistant up to 140°C. Available in 450 gr packs. Is compatible with the PVA Partall Coverall.

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As a basic wax for de-moulding in a polyester form both for new and used moulds. Suitable for polyester and epoxy. Can be applied in aluminium and steel moulds. The surface to be de-moulded must be dry before applying the release wax.


Always ensure a smooth and clean form. Apply with a soft cloth. Apply 4 to 6 thin layers. Wait 30 minutes between coats until the solvents have evaporated from the release agent. In case of a first de-molding, use the wax in combination with a PVA release agent (Partall Coverall).
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: water and for hands: Slig (Stockhausen soap).

Technical specifications

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