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PUR Clear coat A+B 750 ML


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Is a 2-component, durable, high-gloss, slightly elastic PU varnish especially for finishing wood, but also suitable for plastic, metal and non-ferrous metals. Extremely resistant to sun, water, chemicals and diluted acids and alkalis. Retains its high gloss and is UV-resistant.

Available in 750 ml or 15 lt containers.

€58.40 / set


As a finishing coat for various boat applications in construction and model making; can be used indoors and outdoors. High scratch resistance and gloss level after curing. Can be applied by brush or roller. The Clear Coat can also be sprayed.


  • Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface. 
  • Mix individual components well before use. Add the hardener in a 2:1 volume ratio.
  • For the first layer you can best add 15-20 % thinner, for the following layers you can add up to 5 % thinner. 
  • After mixing both components, add the thinner and let the mixture stand for about 10 minutes before use.
  • Apply 2-4 layers with a waiting time between layers of at least 4 hours up to a maximum of 2 days.
  • Processing time: +-3 hours at 20°C.
  • Dust dry after 2 hours.
  • For spray application add up to 15-20% spray thinner for the first layer, for the next layers 0-20%. Use a nozzle of 1.3 - 1.4 with an operating pressure of 2-3 bar.
  • Complete curing is reached after 7 days at 20°C.
  • In case of increased humidity (more than 60%), take into account the possible formation of small bubbles on the surface.

Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact.
The use of a carbon filter mask type A2 is recommended. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone).

Technical specifications

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