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Rubber moulds making kit


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Fast blue siliconeBody pink siliconeEco latex moulded rubberRound brushmixing sticks

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Fast Blue:There is a type of silicone for every application but when it has to be done quickly and the mixing ratio must not be too difficult, the FAST BLUE silicone stands out.This silicone should not be missing from every model builder's collection. This moulding rubber is of premium quality, is extremely tear-resistant and resistant to moulding all plastics.Body pink:If it is not sufficient to make only one cast from a mould (alginate), the silicone BODY PINK comes into consideration. This handy silicone can be mixed 1:1 and can be squirted. due to its rapid hardening it is perfectly suitable for working directly on the skin. Do not forget to make a support mould with plaster bands. Afterwards you can work in the body pink with virtually all synthetics.Eco latex moulding rubber:Our ECO latex, the product you need to make a rubber mould of simple objects quickly and inexpensively. Because it is a natural product, it can also be worked with by children without much concern.Ideal for casting zellane, polyester or your own candles.


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