Hardener for tear resistant liquid silicone moulding rubber 250 g

Silicone NL B-comp. 250 G


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Is a thin liquid hardener for silicone type Silicone NL. This rubber has a polycondensation curing with increased tear resistance and good chemical resistance.

Available in 50 gr packaging with pipette.

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This hardener serves only to harden the silicone moulding rubber type Silicone NL.
Without this hardener the silicone will not react.


Mix the A-component thoroughly before use and only then add 5-10% of hardener. B-component should be mixed very thoroughly under the A-component.

The quantities in grams below are the same as in ml.  
Silicone rubber 
5% hardener
10% hardener
100 gr5 gr10 gr
250 gr12.5 gr25 gr
1 kg50 gr100 gr
5 kg250 gr500 gr

Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Harder is irritating to the eyes and skin and is also flammable. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone)

Technical specifications

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