Liquid metal - metal putty paste

Steelbond 125 G


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Is a 2 component epoxy, filled with metallic fillers. Steelbond is as easy to process as putty and after curing can be worked like metal. This by sanding, drilling or milling. Available in 125 gr packaging.

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Steelbond is used where welding or soldering is restricted. For filling holes, cracks at corners and edges. Joining of different or the same materials like aluminium, metal, wood, glaze or stone. Sealing of tubes, pipes for oil, gas and petrol.


The surfaces to be processed must be clean, dry, and free of rust, paint and grease. Roughening the contact surface improves the bond. Mix steelbond and hardener thoroughly with each other. The correct mixing ratio is 5/1 parts by weight or the amount in the tube to the tubes, i.e. half tube to half tube. The mixed material must be processed within 30 minutes. A 10 mm thick layer hardens in approx. 2 hours at 20°C. Heating promotes the hardening, e.g. by heating the material. Heating promotes the hardening, e.g. by means of a hair dryer. As a bonding paste, Steelbond is applied to both surfaces and then pressed together. When repairing holes and cracks, apply steelbond to textile fabric, fibreglass or wire mesh and then apply the whole like a plaster or bandage on top of each other.Steel bond is easy to form. To do so, moisten the tool with water and a little soap.
Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Cleaner for tools: Cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone).

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