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Surester is a liquid, odourless laminating resin developed and manufactured by V-Sure. It is similar to a standard polyester resin. Surester resin contains no solvents and will therefore not have an unpleasant odour during work. Surester can be used in combination with all types of glass fibres, both emulsion and powdered glass mat. Processing with all woven fibres, including flax and basalt fibre, is also possible. 


Surester is a 2-component product that is processed with the same hardener as used for classic polyester. You add between 1% and 3% of MEKP hardener to the resin. Then you have a processing time of about 35-40 min. at room temperature. You can use the resin as a standard laminating resin for making sculptures or objects. But you can also use it to repair damaged polyester. For example, moulded parts of cars and motorbikes, but also campers and mobile homes. After a few hours, the Surester hardens without sticking and you will get an adhesion with, for example, a filler or topcoat to finish. Almost all products have an adhesion to already hardened Surester.


What do we mean by laminating? You can impregnate your fibres with Surester resin. By putting several layers on top of each other you get a so-called laminate. With this type of Surester resin you can place your different layers of fibre reinforcement wet-on-wet on top of each other and de-aerate them in one go with a de-aeration roller. The same as you would do with an ordinary liquid polyester resin. You can also colour this Surester resin with pigments. These pigments can be dyes that are also suitable for polyester or polyurethane. As there are no solvents present, you can therefore also work on EPS (expanded polystyrene) so-called polystyrene foam without damaging it. Ideal for companies that are active in cutting and milling foam and wish to reinforce it.