Glass fibre mat - glass fleece 1 m²

Surface mat 30 G 1 m²


Deliverable in 1-5 working days

Is a reinforcement material consisting of A-glass fibres and suitable for processing with polyester, epoxy and vinylester resins.

Available in 1, 5, 10 m² or rolls of 250 m².

€5.76 / st



As finishing layer of a laminate with a too rough structure. Also as first layer after a gelcoat to prevent the so-called fiber print through of the fibre structure. Exists in 30 gr/m².

Roll width 100 cm and roll length 250 lm = 250 m².


  • Always used in combination with a resin. 
  • For higher strength, you should continue to work with a heavier type of glass mat.
Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Is not a hazardous material and may be treated as such. Cleaning agent: water.

Technical specifications

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