UV LED lamp - for quick drying of UV resin

UV Led Lamp


Deliverable in 1-5 working days

The UV LED lamp is used for curing UV products. Thanks to its battery operation, it can be used wirelessly and flexibly. Thanks to the adjustable magnetic base, it can also be used on vertical surfaces.

Exists in a standard version, an XL version and as a hand lamp.

€152.13 / st


Used for drying UV products.


Never place the magnet directly on the bodywork to avoid damage to the paint surface. The standard lamp can be used for surfaces of 50 cm, the XL version can go up to 70 cm. The hand lamp is made to treat surfaces up to 10 cm in diameter.
  • The use of the UV led lamp is only allowed with the use of UV glasses !
  • Do not look directly into the lamp !
  • Do not use the lamp near an open flame. 
  • Switch off the lamp when not in use.
  • Protect the charging cable from oil, heat and sharp objects.
  • Old devices must be disposed of separately at a special waste collection point.

Technical specifications

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