Elastic vacuum foil 1 m²

Vacuum foil Flex 40 165 CM 1 M²


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Transparent vacuum film based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that can stretch up to 391% of its basic shape Exists in 40 micron on a width of 165 or 330 cm.

Available in rolls of 500 lm.

€8.57 / st



Used e.g. in the double-film system or in other vacuum pressure systems to cover moulded parts, for reduced styrene evaporation and with a higher glass content against the resin. Due to its excellent transparency, extremely suitable for curing UV-curable polyester systems. Has a tensile strength of 90 N/mm² and a Young modulus of 165 N/mm² at 20°C and 65% RH.


This film is ready to use and works best with a humidity of around 65%. It may be reusable several times if you handle it carefully during processing and application. The 3300 mm rolls are standard and weigh 86 kg = 1650 m²/roll.
Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap. Is not a hazardous material.

Technical specifications

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