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Our story: Vosschemie becomes V-Sure

A true and close family-run company
Our story begins in 1968 when our founder, Remi De Moor, formed a partnership with Klaus Willem Voss, the owner of the German company Vosschemie GmBh. After many successful years, we, Marc and Claudia De Moor (Remi's children) took over the torch in 2009. Today, we are still a true and tight family-run business.

Our DNA: the creation of innovative plastics for professionals and do-it-yourselfers
The creation of innovative plastics is our speciality. It is the DNA of our family and of our company. Meanwhile, we can be proud of more than 50 years of experience and know-how.

Did you know that we offer the most complete range of cold-curing plastics and composites in the Benelux? We are very proud of that ! With our products we support countless do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

Plastic solutions for all industries and sectors
We offer plastic solutions for the construction industry, the artistic world, the maritime industry, transport companies, the agricultural sector, the medical industry and many more. For any project, large or small, complex or simple.

Our versatility: our strength
Our versatility is our strength. We have the right product for every problem, usually available directly from stock. If we do not have your solution in stock, we will help you find the white raven. For our professionals, we even pull customised solutions out of our hat, if needed.

From plastics for your swimming pool renovation to synthetic resins for decor builders
We offer the right solution for all kinds of needs. We have the ideal solution to repair your guttering, renovate your swimming pool, to make your own river table and putty for your walls. For businesses, professionals and industry, we make fibre-reinforced parts for vehicles, moulds and replicas, lightweight materials for the orthopaedic sector, synthetic resins for decor builders and artists.

Today it is time for a new chapter in our story
Today, a new chapter in our story begins. We stick to our Vosschemie Benelux DNA, but we become V-Sure. From now on, that is the name we will be going by.

With the "V" we maintain the strong connection with Vosschemie. The "Sure" stands for the surety of our our qualitative solutions. So we keep what we already stand for and add new, valuable accents at the same time.

We continue to make and distribute Vosschemie products in the Benelux. We are expanding that range by adding V-Sure solutions. In recent years, we have been developing many products under the V-Sure brand name.

Innovation through V-Sure solutions
Modernisation and innovation are important to us. In the following years, we plan the creation and development of many new V-Sure solutions. Solutions customised for companies from various sectors and made to measure for the small do-it-yourselfer. We go along with what you, our customer, want and is looking for.

Making our personal approach even better
We are continuing to expand our personal approach. You can visit our Experience Center every day on appointment, allowing us to make time to assist you more efficiently.

We make our products to meet your needs. We offer packages as small as 250 grams, but also packages up to 20 tons. The right product, the right application, personalised service and customised advice. Meeting our client's needs. That's important to V-Sure. It's where we gain our happiness and pride.

Our webshop and workshops become even more personal
Our webshop is not like other webshops. You can call us for (much) more explanation or visit our Experience Centre, before you decide to buy. Or you can attend a customised workshop as a do-it-yourselfer or professional.

A chemistry with nature
V-Sure stands for more sustainability and ecological solutions. Composites are already examples of sustainability because you can keep reusing and repairing them. Our solutions can serve to restore materials and keep them in use for as long as possible.

We continue to invest in greening our existing products. For example, we have developed a solvent-free putty for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. We are bringing a solvent-free elastic polymer on the market and we use ecological packaging wherever possible.

In addition, we are fully committed to sustainability and environmental friendliness in our own company. That's why we opted for LED lighting and electric driven forklift trucks. We practice what we preach!

The future starts today!

Today the story of Vosschemie continues. We want to tell an even more fascinating story: that of V-Sure. This way you can be sure of a personal approach ,sustainability and above all the right qualitative plastic solution.

The future begins today. Will you join us on this exciting journey?

Welcome aboard. Welcome to V-Sure!