Workshop Rubber Moulds - 2/12/2023

Workshop Rubber Moulds - 2/12/2023


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Making rubber moulds!
What kinds of moulds exist?
Can you colour the moulds?
My mould is often not perfectly even, how do I solve this?
In what kind of applications can I use rubber molds as an artist or hobbyist?

All your questions will be answered during the hands-on workshop Rubber Moulds.

In addition to casting with silicone rubber to make beautifully detailed moulds, our technical advisor will be pleased to show you how to make moulds directly on the skin using spatterable silicone rubber.
Do you think that your moulds should have a little more colour? The technique of colouring your own moulds is explained in detail.

Because of their excellent resistance to tearing, V-Sure silicone rubbers can be used to make sculptures, ornaments, decorative frames, figures and much more. Therefore, this Workshop Rubber Moulding is the ideal session for all your artistic ambitions.

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This workshop is given in Dutch!

Workshop on Wednesday starts at 14h00 in our Experience Center.
Workshop on Saturday starts at 09h00 in our Experience Center.


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