Antifouling paint - Antifouling boat blue 2.5 l

YC Antifouling plus blue 2.5 L


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ANTIFOULING PLUS is a self-polishing antifouling to protect the underwater hull. Thanks to the self-renewing effect, the paint retains a bioactive surface throughout its lifespan. This means that high layer thicknesses will not be built up in the following years. A renewal layer can be applied directly on top of the old layer. ANTIFOULING PLUS is compatible with most antifouling systems

ANTIFOULING PLUS has the necessary approval for use in Dutch waters (15606N).

Available in packs of 750 ml and 2.5 l.


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As an anti-fouling paint for boats made of GRP, wood and steel. Do not use on aluminum surfaces. Equally suitable for sailing and motor boats up to 25 kn Universally recommended for use in fresh, salt and brackish water.


The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Old coatings must be intact and adhere well.
Only use in dry weather. The temperature of the substrate must be above the dew point to prevent condensation.

Apply with a brush or fleece roller. For new construction, 2-3 coats are recommended and 1-2 renewal coats per season (depending on in-season wear). An extra layer should be applied to particularly stressed areas such as the waterline. Waiting time between coats is minimum 6 hours (20°C), maximum none. The waiting time before launching is at least 24 hours, the recommended time on land is a maximum of 12 months.

Please note: The final color is only achieved after prolonged exposure to water

For more technical data, refer to the technical data sheet.

Always provide suitable protective clothing and gloves. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (eco-friendly substitute for acetone) or thinner.

Technical specifications

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