Liquid epoxy varnish - Epoxy coating 1 kg

Bio Epoxy Glosscoat A+B 1 KG


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Is a 2 component solvent-free, odorless and clear casting coating based on bio-based epoxy. This resin has a bio content of 30% and is suitable for gloss casting or as protection for decorative applications.

Available in 1 kg packaging.

€51.18 / set



Casting or gloss coating on wood, cardboard, metal or plastic. Is reasonably UV-resistant and can be coloured with PU pigments or epoxy pigments.


  • Mix both components in a 100/45 parts by weight ratio
  • Potlife: 60 min
  • Dry after 24 hours at a temperature of 23°C
  • Fully cured after 7 days
  • If necessary, apply the first layer as a contact layer with a brush or roller and let it dry for 60-80 min
  • Then colour and pour on the following layers
  • Apply with a brush or pour and spread with a spatula
  • Prepare a maximum of half a kilogram in one go, depending on the application time
  • If in doubt, consult our advisers for more information

Note:To improve the UV resistance and/or to obtain greater hardness / scratch resistance, we recommend finishing the Glosscoat with G8-Super or the Glosslack spray.

  • Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact
  • Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner agent M(environmentally friendly substitute for acetone)