Epoxy casting resin - Laminating resin - Liquid epoxy 500 g

Epoxy BK A+B 500 G


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Is a 2-component solvent-free and odourless epoxy resin for processing glass fibres, aramid fibres and carbon fibres. Can also be used as casting resin for e.g. electronic components. Used where light and strong constructions are required. Cures without sticking to the surface. Available in 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 5 kg and 30 kg packaging.

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As coating and casting compound on various substrates. Yellow-transparent laminating resin with thixotropic properties. As a binder for fillers such as aerocell, sand or quartz flour. And e.g. also for casting electronic compounds. Can be coloured with EP pigments (5%). May be used in aquaria and terraria. Withstands temperatures up to 80°C.


Mix the two components in a 100/60 weight ratio. Pot life: 40 min. at 23°C. Dry after 24 hours. Waiting time between coats: 40-60 min. Processing temperature: 15-25°C. Full cure after 7 days. Apply with a brush or roller. Do not apply too much at once, depending on the processing time.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (eco-friendly substitute for acetone).

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