Universal gelcoat - Coating for laminate + hardener - colourless

G35-1 clear 1 KG + Mekp


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Is a 2 component gel coat based on isophthalic acid neopentylglycole (ISO/NPG) containing polyester resin, which has very good water and weather resistance with increased impact and scratch resistance.

Available in the following packages: 1 kg (+ mekp), 5 kg, 20 kg and 220 kg colourless and in different shades in 5 kg and 20 kg.

€18.40 / set



This gelcoat is mainly used for finishing a laminate in the following cases: construction elements, sanitary fittings, boat building and wherever the fittings need to be given increased water and chemical resistance.


  • The gelcoat is pre-cut and the viscosity is set as standard for brush or roller application.
  • Mix the gelcoat before use, avoid air bubbles under mixing the resin.
  • The temperature of the gelcoat, the working area and the moulds should be 18-25°C. 
  • The air humidity should not exceed 85%.
  • Mix 2 - 3% MEKP hardener with the gel coat. 
  • Processing time is +- 15 min at 20°C. 
  • Stays slightly sticky for optimal adhesion to the laminate.
  • The thickness of the gel coat should be approx. 300-600 micron, depending on the application. 
  • Use a gelcoat brush to determine the layer thickness. the gelcoat can be applied in two layers.
  • Can be coloured with polyester dye. Always make small quantities, in proportion to the potlife.

 The quantities in grams below are the same as in ml. 
Polyester resin
1% Mekp hardener
2% Mekp hardener
3% Mekp hardener
100 gr1 gr2 gr3 gr
250 gr2.5 gr5 gr7.5 gr
1 kg10 gr20 gr30 gr
5 kg
50 gr
100 gr
150 gr

  • Ensure adequate ventilation or use a suitable respiratory protection mask. 
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.
  • Consult our safety data sheets for further information.
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact. 
  • Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly alternative to acetone).
  • This product contains styrene and must therefore be handled in accordance with the safety instructions.

Technical specifications

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