Gelcoat repair kit 200 g - colourless

Gelcoat repair set clear 200 G


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Handy 2-component kit with a gelcoat resin hardener. Useful for every boat owner in case of unexpected repairs to the gel coat.

Available in 200 gr packaging.




As a repair material for repairing damaged polyester gelcoat.
Exists in the colour according to RAL 9010 and colourless. The colourless (transparent) version can be coloured with polyester pigments (5-10%).


  • The substrate must always be made dry, rough, dust-, rust- and greaseproof. 
  • Mix 1-3% mekp-harder under the resin.
  • Potlife: approx. 15 min. at 20°C. 
  • Brush or spatula it out on the surface to be repaired. 
  • Then cover with hostafane foil to obtain a smooth and tack-free surface. 
  • After approx. 60 min. remove the hostafaan foil. 
  • Sanding can be done after 2-3 hours.
  • Start sanding with 220-grit paper up to 600, then with 1200-grit paper up to 2000-grit paper and finally polish with YC High gloss finish.

Note: all polyesters can be slowed down with inhibitor.
Tip: Mix well and slowly so that no air bubbles are stirred in. 

  • Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. 
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact. 
  • Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone). 
  • This product contains styrene and must therefore be handled in accordance with the safety regulations Stockhausen).

Technical specifications

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