Gelcoat for making a polyester mould

Tooling gelcoat 935BE H green 5 KG


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Is a 2-component gelcoat on ISO/NPG basis with increased styrene resistance specifically for mould construction.

This type is a brush or roller version.

Available in 5 and 21 kg packaging

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This gelcoat is applied as the first layer in/on a waxed plug/model. Outer layer of a laminate in polyester.


  • Mix the resin with 1-3% Mekp hardener. 
  • Processing time manual 18-25 min. 
  • Make small amounts in proportion to the potlife. 
  • The resin remains slightly sticky on the surface for better adhesion with the polyester laminate. 
  • This gelcoat is coloured to its maximum and can therefore not be can no longer be coloured. 
  • For applications in mould construction, we only recommend a maximum of 5- 10% colouration for styrene resistance, which may be reduced by adding too much pigment.
  • Can be applied in 2 layers with a gelcoat brush or suitable sheepskin roller.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly alternative to acetone.
This product contains styrene and must therefore be handled in accordance with the safety regulations.

Technical specifications

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