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Water impermeability EN 1062-3

The water impermeability of a paint layer is measured according to standard EN 1062-3.

Water vapour permeability ISO 7783-1

When painting an exterior wall, it is very important that the paint protects the wall against water and rain, but it is also important that the wall continues to 'breathe', i.e. remain permeable to water vapour. The water vapour permeability of a paint layer is tested in the lab according to the ISO 7783-1 standard.

Wet tempering

Wet tempering, is heating your moulded part when it is still in the mould. The aim is to heat the piece at a certain temperature and for a certain time, so that the final hardness of the moulded part is reached faster. This is particularly applicable with epoxy resins. 

Wood rot repair

Repairing rotten wood both indoors and outdoors. This is usually done with epoxy-based products. for more info see; https://www.v-sure.eu/en/epoxy-fiberglass-filler-grey-a-b-750-g