Fast curing epoxy primer for porous substrates 1.5 kg

Epoxy Primer fast A+B 1.5 KG


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Is a 2 component medium viscosity, unfilled epoxy primer with ( VOS<1%) for sealing and bonding to almost all substrates. Is applied in combination with epoxy floor paint or a PU floor or coating. Available in 1,5 kg, 3 kg and 10 kg packaging.

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As a preparation of the substrate, to improve the adhesion as well as to absorb and screen off the remaining moisture. Because of the fast curing it's easy to use for renewal or renovation of feeding gutters existing of concrete, cement or stone. Can be used on "young" concrete. Makes damp cellar rooms watertight.


Mix the two components in a 100/50 ( 2:1) weight ratio. Potlife: 13-15 min. at 23°C. Dry after 12 hours. Waiting time between layers or finishing coat: min. 1 hour at 23°C, 3 hours at 16°C. Processing temperature: 8-25°C. Fully cured after 5 days. Apply with a brush or roller. CAUTION: The processing time for this product is only 13-15 minutes. Prepare small quantities. Pour the mixture over the surface and roll it out further.
Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves.Avoid prolonged skin contact.Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone).

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