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Polish S3 Finish cleaner 500 ML


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SL polish S3 finish cleaner is a liquid cleaning agent without silicone. Provides optimal and thorough cleaning of gelcoat, aluminium, metals and various plastics. Even for the most stubborn soiling such as grease, oils, soot, etc. Available in 500 ml packaging.

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Cleans and degreases all plastic surfaces such as two-pack paint, plastics, gel coats, rubber, glass, etc. without leaving any streaks.


Spray the product onto the surface and rub it out with a microfibre cloth or a soft cloth. Repeat if necessary. After cleaning, seal the surface with the S5 Quick Wax or the S4 Protect Wax. To be used at temperatures between 15 - 25 °C.
Cleaning agent for tools: water. Is not a hazardous material.

Technical specifications

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