Boat Polishing with Boat Wax

Polish S5 Shine & Protect quick wax 500 ML


Deliverable in 1-5 working days

SL S5 Shine & Protect Spray - Quick Wax is a wax-based liquid emulsion. Contains very fine high quality ingredients with cleaning properties that do not leave streaks. Available in 500 ml packaging.

€17.19 / st


Universal wax for protecting plastics against ageing. Neutral product and easy to use. Easy to apply and polish. Protects against oxidation. Due to the UV filters, the colour of the lacquer or gel coat will retain its colour considerably longer.


Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface. Spray some SL S5 Shine & Protect Spray - Quick Wax onto the surface and rub it with a soft cloth in circular motions as thin as possible. For this you should use a microfiber cloth. Apply only the amount of wax that you can handle before the product is dry. For extra shine, you can polish it with a soft pad.In extreme weather conditions, it is advisable to apply two layers of SL S5 Shine & Protect Spray - Quick Wax with an interval of two hours.
Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap

Technical specifications

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