Tear-resistant liquid silicone rubber -V sure

Silicone NL A+B 0.5 KG


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Is a 2-component polycondensation curing, highly elastic, self-demoulding rubber material based on silicone that reacts after the addition of hardener. This rubber has a high tear resistance and good chemical resistance. Can be used on all surfaces except glass or ceramics. In these moulds, shape pieces can be moulded with UP - EP - PU - zellane.

Can be used in the food industry, e.g. for moulding chocolate and paraffin wax.

Available in 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg packaging and 200 kg (A-comp.).

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For the manufacture of negative moulds with difficult shapes and deep incisions.
Is liquid and can be poured easily. Slight shrinkage. If necessary thicken with C-comp. or dilute with Sico Fluid. For use in the food industry, it is best to place the hardened mould in water at approx. 70-80°C for a few hours and allow it to cool down in order to neutralise the silicone.


  • Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface.
  • Mix both components in a 5-10% weight ratio and brush out a first layer. 
  • This ensures a finer reproduction of all details. 
  • Then pour the mixed rubber over the object. 
  • For a rubbing mould, you can thicken (if necessary) with thickener C 0.5-1%. 
  • Potlife: approx. 90-120 min. at 20°C. 
  • Fully cured after approx. 8 hours. 
  • Minimum wall thickness 10 mm. 
  • If you are uncertain of the substrate, it is best to make a test piece or to use Trennspray.

The quantities in grams below are the same as in ml.  
Silicone rubber 
5% hardener
10% hardener
100 gr5 gr10 gr
250 gr12.5 gr25 gr
1 kg50 gr100 gr
5 kg250 gr500 gr

Always provide appropriate protective clothing and gloves. Only the hardener is irritating to the eyes and skin, and flammable. Cleaning agent for tools: cleaner M (environmentally friendly substitute for acetone).

Technical specifications

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