Perforated vacuum foil - hole foil 1 m²

Vacuum perforex ELA20P1 H1200 1 M²


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Blue transparent PE-based vacuum film with provided holes. These holes serve to vent the laminate under vacuum. The film's layer thickness is 20 microns, which improves its formability at the edges and corners. The holes have an opening of 1 mm. Available in rolls of 400 lm or per square metre.

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Used in the vacuum and infusion system, among others, for venting the laminate during vacuum processing. Especially applicable for medium-viscous resins. Temperature resistance up to 115 °C and 400 % elasticity


This film is ready-to-use and works best with medium-viscous resins. Should always be applied in combination with a tear-off fabric and a bleeder.
Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap.
Is not a hazardous material.