Upcycling your interior with decorative stucco

Workshop Upcycling with PMD - 22/02/2024


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How can you give furniture new life or an upgrade?
What is a decorative stucco and what can it be used for?
What techniques can you use to apply it?

During the upcycling workshop, we like to highlight our sustainable decorative plaster: Perfect Mineral Deco.

This is a high quality microcement from V-Sure specially designed to beautify surfaces such as floors, walls or furniture. During this workshop, we will elaborate on the sustainable properties of Perfect Mineral Deco for upcycling various items such as furniture and decorative items.

For this workshop, you may bring your own item to upcycle (max. 30 x 30 cm)!
Perfect Mineral Deco can be applied to all surfaces except plastic. So do you have an old glass vase, an ugly picture frame, a porcelain bowl, an empty liquor bottle in a fun shape or a small wooden cabinet or side table at home? Be sure to bring it with you!

Included in the price is 300 gr of Perfect Mineral Deco, which is good for decorating about 30 x 30 cm. Is your item larger? No problem, additional decorative plaster can be purchased on site at a promo price.

This workshop is open to everyone, with or without experience! Our Experience Center is also accessible for wheelchair users.

After this workshop you can take home your own creation and you have all the knowledge and experience you need to continue working at home!

  • Max. 10 participants
  • The workshop starts at 09.00h and takes about 3 hours
  • Our workshops are held exclusively in Dutch