Epoxy resin

Epoxy resins have many successful applications in the plastics industry. This is mainly due to the fact that they are versatile, easy to use and therefore universally applicable. Epoxy resins have many appearances: adhesive, paint, powder, resin, laminate, composite, etc. Cured epoxy resins are super-strong materials that hardly shrink at all. They insulate very well and can be used at operating temperatures from -80 to +180 °C. They are chemically very stable and exceptionally resistant to fractures and cracks. Liquid epoxy resins are known for their exceptional adhesion to all possible surfaces. They are always completely bubble-free without the need for external pressure. Pressed or cast pieces, as well as composites, weigh much less than the traditional materials that have been replaced in cars and aircraft. This significantly reduces fuel consumption, benefiting the environment. Epoxy resins thus have many applications, they are used for example in household appliances, in large building structures, in computers, in satellites, on beverage cans, on ship walls, etc. For more info; https://www.v-sure.eu/en/products/epoxy/