Plaster jute method

The plaster-jute method is a patent-protected method that can be used when constructing a swimming pool. When the side wall of the swimming pool of any shape is to have a 45-degree and sloping slope, this is the most appropriate method. This method properly prepares the substrate for rolling out glass mats with polyester resin. Indeed, jute fabric soaked in gypsum paste provides a closed layer, so the surface can be directly covered by glass mats with resin. To coat the substrate with glass mats with resin, two requirements must be met. Firstly, the substrate must be hard enough when glass mats with resin are rolled out on the substrate, so that when the glass mat is drenched the air bubbles between the fibres are rolled out. Secondly, the substrate must be a closed layer so that the syrupy polyester resin is not sucked out of the glass mat by the soil. Because the resin remains liquid for 40 minutes after being applied to the glass mat, most of it would otherwise seep into the surface. With the gypsum-jute method, the substrate fully meets these two requirements.