Demo how to make casts of a body part, make your own masks

Demo Bodycasting and SFX - 5/10/2024


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How do I choose the right material for my bodycasting project?
What techniques can I use to add realistic details to my Halloween mask?
Can I make a mold directly on my skin?

Discover the world of bodycasting and special effects makeup with V-Sure! Our demo offers you the chance to experience our high-quality products such as Alginate, splashable latex, skin-friendly silicone and Zellaan. Let our product experts guide you and show you all the possibilities, including creating your own unique Halloween masks. From scary creatures to fairy masks, you can bring your Halloween imagination to life with our materials and expert guidance.

Also, for creating detailed prints of your hand, pregnant belly or paw print of your dog, you'll find the appropriate products at V-Sure.

Sign up now for this educational demo and find out how to bring your creative vision to life with V-Sure!

Our demos are open to both individuals and professionals. Prior knowledge is not necessary.

  • Max. 12 participants
  • The demo starts at 09.00 and lasts about 2 hours
  • Our demos are held exclusively in Dutch


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