Demo on seamless and waterproof bathrooms

Demo Seamless and waterproof walls and floors - 01/06/2024


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How do I install a seamless walk-in shower?
Can I install tiles on polyester laminate?
How do I prevent moisture problems in my bathroom?

During this informative demo, our product specialist will show you the best way to create a seamless wall and floor.

Whether you like sleek white or playful pink, this technique is highly recommended for a bathroom, but you can also completely transform other wet areas into a sleek, seamless room. Our expert will walk you through the different steps and products needed to apply this technique so you can get started yourself. The laminating resins and glass fabrics available from V-Sure always provide extremely durable and sturdy results.

Our demos are open to both individuals and professionals. No prior knowledge is necessary.

  • Max. 12 participants
  • The demo starts at 09.00 and lasts about 2 hours
  • Our demos are held exclusively in Dutch