Demo How to install a PU cast floor yourself - 2/03/2024


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On what surface can I lay a PU cast floor?
What are the advantages of a PU cast floor?
Can I install a PU cast floor myself?

A cast floor is a popular choice because of its durability and stylish appearance.

During this informative session, you'll get a thorough explanation of what a PU cast floor is and why it's a good choice. Our product specialist will demonstrate the steps to follow during the installation of this floor and which techniques can be used. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages and you can contact him with all your questions.

Have you been dreaming of a unique looking bathroom, living room or living space but don't know how to start? Then this demo is definitely for you.

Our demos are open to both individuals and professionals. Prior knowledge is not necessary.

  • Max. 12 participants
  • The demo starts at 09.00 and lasts about 2 hours
  • Our demos are held exclusively in Dutch


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