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Applications of polyurethane

Polyurethane resins can be used as coatings, primers, adhesives, lacquers, paints or casting resins. Such as transparent and UV-resistant polyurethane paint for metal or wood. Ideal for finishing parquet or cast floors. In addition, the material is also used as artificial leather and is applied in shoe soles.

The application possibilities of polyurethane resins are unlimited and spread across different sectors.

PU Cast floor

Polyurethane cast floors have been gaining popularity in the domestic market in recent years as a finish for living spaces, kitchens and bedrooms. Thanks to its self-leveling properties, this resin forms an extremely sleek and modern floor finish. Available in different colors to match the tone of your interior. Thanks to its elastic properties, you can also use it with underfloor heating and obtain an extremely durable and wear-resistant finish.

PUR paint Sealine

One of the most common applications of PU is as a varnish or coating. Thanks to the very good UV resistance, a 2K polyurethane paint has been used in industrial applications for years. Especially in the transport, maritime and construction sectors. The durability and high gloss make Sealine PUR an ideal finish for painting your boat.

YC Uniflex Marine

As a 1K PU, you cannot ignore the YC Uniflex Marine joint sealing. This ultra-soft joint filler can be used both on boats and in construction. The UV resistant PUR sealant is permanently elastic and can be painted with virtually any paint. In addition, the PU sealant sticks to any surface, so you can apply it perfectly on wood and concrete. Thanks to its great adhesive strength and elasticity, this product is therefore ideal for waterproofing joints. Think, for example, of sealing the joints on a teak deck or the joints in the concrete of a terrace or balcony.

PU Foam

Everyone knows the 1K PUR foam in the handy spray can. Ideal for filling and gluing seams and wide joints. Pretty practical for any Do-It-Yourselfer. There are also 2K liquid casting foams. In these there are two varieties: the hard types and the resilient types. The hard types range from insulation foam to hardwood-like structures. The elastic types range from extremely soft mattress foams to rubber elastic foams, which are often used in the automotive industry. Think about the dashboard and supports of seats or chairs. However, these fast-drying foams are also widely used in the orthopedic world to make customized supports and cushions.

PU Coating

PU coatings are often used in the construction industry. These can be used to make gutters or flat roofs durably waterproof. But also adhesives to glue all kinds of materials find their application in PU resins.

If you want to color polyurethane resins, there are various color pigments with which you can obtain the desired result.

Working with polyurethane

When working with polyurethane resin it is recommended to use protective clothing such as overalls, gloves and a mouth mask.



  • Universally applicable
  • Very strong
  • Available in different shapes
  • Insulating
  • Colourable
  • Liquid proof


  • Limited UV-resistance
  • Critical mixing ratio
  • Temperature sensitive during processing