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DIYKIT® by V-Sure

Are you facing a challenging chore and are you looking for an easy and efficient solution? Then discover V-Sure's DIYKIT®, your all-in-one companion for both handymen and professionals. With this kit, you have everything you need in one convenient set, without any fuss or waste.

From repairing motorcycle fuel tanks to applying an anti-slip coating to floors or repairing gutters and flat roofs, the V-Sure DIYKIT® offers specialized solutions for a variety of industries. No more struggling to buy different products in large packages that you end up with more surplus than you'll ever use. With the DIYKIT®, you get exactly what you need, in the right quantities.

And best of all? You don't need to be a professional thanks to the easy step-by-step tutorial that guides you through each project.

Available kits


  • Terrazzo Coaster with Zellaan
  • Resin Art – NEW!
  • Upcycling with Perfect Mineral Deco – available fall 2024
  • Making rubber molds - available fall 2024


  • Tank coating - available summer 2024
  • Anti-slip coating - available fall 2024
  • Elastic coating - available fall 2024
  • Surf and Kiteboard repair - available fall 2024

Working with V-Sure All-in-1 Kits

When you use an All-in-1 Kit from V-Sure, you will discover numerous benefits. Because of the smaller quantities of products included in your box, you can experiment and discover which working method suits you best. A convenient way when you want to get started in a particular application, but do not want to buy a large quantity immediately.

If you would like to visit our Experience Center to convince yourself of the workmanship and our qualities, make an appointment soon. Here we will take our time to properly inform and advise you on the right choice of material.


  • All essentials in one package
  • Several products to test
  • Low package price
  • All products matched together
  • No surplus or oversized packages